Strawberry Mousse and Chocolate Brownie Desserts

Ok.. Valentines Day will be in less than a week & I really like it  Well basically I think we should celebrate it every day but I´m all for celebrating it in style once a year therefore this new post is filled with love...

Vale.. San Valentín será dentro de menos de una semana y me gusta mucho el día del amor..  Bueno básicamente creo que debemos celebrar este día cada día durante el año pero también creo que es una buena idea celebrarlo con estilo una vez al año, por lo tanto este nuevo post está lleno de amor...

So to celebrate VALENTINES DAY in style.. I made these strawberry mousse and chocolate brownie desserts in mini cake form where I used a rich chocolate brownie base topped with a decadent strawberry mousse layer and smothered it with rich chocolate ganache.. I also used the same ingredients to make desserts in glasses ;-)

Así que para celebrar día de San Valentín con estilo, hice estos postres de mus de fresa y brownie de chocolate en forma mini tarta donde he usado una rica base de brownie de chocolate cubierto con una capa de mousse de fresa cubierto con rico ganache de chocolate .. También usé los mismos ingredientes para hacer los postres en unas copas;-)

I think strawberries and chocolate go perfectly together, kinda like Romeo & Juliet.. Adam & Eve..  Forest Gump & Jenny.. Superman & Louis Lane.. Shrek & Fiona.. Tarzan & Jane (you get the These ingredients can easily be served on their own but combined they´re simply gorgeous :-) 

Creo que las fresas y el chocolate van perfectamente juntos, un poco como Romeo y Julieta .. Adam & Eve .. Forest Gump & Jenny .. Superman y Louis Lane .. Shrek y Fiona .. Tarzan & Jane (se entiende la idea .. jaja) Estos ingredientes pueden ser fácilmente servidos por su cuenta, pero combinados son simplemente preciosos :-)

To me Strawberries & Chocolate signify LOVE therefore they are a perfect combo for Valentines Day! I decorated the desserts with fresh glazed (to add that French touch..) strawberries as well as mini self made chocolates (I bought the moulds at Ikea awhile ago and was super excited to be able to use them..).  

Para mí Fresas y chocolate significan AMOR por lo que son una combinación perfecta para el día de San Valentín! He decorado los postres con un glaseado fresco de fresas (para dar un toque francés), así como mini bombones caseros (compré los moldes en Ikea hace un tiempo y estaba súper emocionado de poder usarlos ..).

To make the Chocolate Brownie (which I can promise you taste just like a brownie should, incredible rich and chewy..)  Please click on the link below to view the recipe as well as a video on how to make these!!  I followed this recipe to the "T" but didn´t add the nuts at the end.  This was the first time I visited Inspired Taste but after making this recipe I think I´ll go back there again..

Para hacer el Brownie de chocolate (puedo prometer que sabe como un brownie debería de saber, increíblemente rico y "chewy" ..) Por favor, haga clic en el siguiente enlace para ver la receta, así como un vídeo sobre cómo hacerlo! He seguido esta receta palabra por palabra, pero no añadí las los frutos secos al final. Ésta fue la primera vez que visité Taste Inspired pero después de hacer esta receta creo que volveré a hacerlo ..

To make the STRAWBERRY MOUSSE, follow the recipe herewith below or click HERE:

Hagan clic aquí para hacer el MUS de FRESA



Put your whisk, bowl and cream in the frigde for later when you whip your cream because you want it to be cold, this way it whips easier. Clean and cuarter the strawberries, then cook on medium heat with 2 tablespoons of water & sugar until soft.  At this stage I used my hand held blender to liquidise but if you have a stand blender you could use it as well.  Keep the strawberry sauce on the warm stove and add the gelatin power, continue to stir until all the gelatin has been disolved, this takes about 1 minute.  Pour the sauce in a bowl and cover with transparent film.  Leave to stand at room temperature until cool (mine took about 20 minutes at room temp and then I transferred it to the fridge for a further 10-15 minutes).  
It´s important to whisk the mixture every 10 minutes. While your mixture cools, start whipping your cream, first start out at medium low speed (on my Kitchen Aid I used speed number 3) then when bubbles form start increasing the speed gradually until medium high speed (aprox. number 6).  Only whip until soft peaks form.  Now with a rubber spatula fold the cream into the cooled strawberry & gelatin mixture making sure its well combined but being careful that you don´t take out the air.  Cover once again with transparent film and leave minimum 6 hours (I left mine overnight) in the fridge to set.  

If you are going to make a mousse cake like I did, you would spoon the mousse over your brownie base before leaving it to set in the fridge.  To do this use the same mold you used to bake your brownie, ensure the brownie and mold is cooled.  Remove the brownie from the mold and insert transparent film ensuring it comes up over the sides (basically that it covers the whole mold), now insert your brownie and scoop the mousse on top, leave some room for your chocolate ganache (recipe will follow).  Cover the top with a new piece of transparent film and leave minimum 6 hours or overnight.  

To make the chocolate GANACHE see the recipe below or click HERE:
Hagan clic aquí para hacer el GANACHE de CHOCOLATE



While chopping your chocolate, heat your cream in the microwave just before it starts to bubble, add the chopped chocolate and let stand for a couple of minutes.  Stir the mixture until smooth and add your glucose syrup (this ensures your ganache has a nice shine).  If you want your ganache to be more firm, simply increase the amount of chocolate or decrease your cream :-)

Here´s a funny story on where Ganache comes from:  In French, the term “ganache” means fool. The story goes that it originated in France around 1850, from a mistake that a chocolatier’s apprentice made, causing the chef to call him "ganache", when he spilled cream into liquid chocolate that he was stirring :-)

This dessert was a hit with my whole family and because I love giving, I gave a few out to some friends, and they loved it too, some liked the brownie part more others the mousse but everyone agreed it was a heavenly combination..  To me Valentines´ Day is not only to show your love & appreciation for your significant other, it could be for anyone that you love & treasure & appreciate, for example your kids, a good friend, a parent... haven´t you heard: LOVE MAKES THE WORLD GO AROUND!! 

Este postre fue un éxito en toda mi familia y porque me encanta dar, se lo di a algunos de mis amigos, y les encantó también, algunos le gustó más la parte del brownie y a otros el mus pero todos coincidimos en que era una combinación celestial .. Para mí el Día de San Valentín no es sólo para mostrar su amor y aprecio por su pareja, podría ser para cualquier persona que amas y aprecias y, por ejemplo, a sus hijos, un buen amigo, un padre ... No ha oído usted: EL AMOR HACE QUE EL MUNDO GIRE!